See (Five Minute Friday)

Photo by Tina Francis

Photo by Tina Francis

A five minute free write, unedited, done in conjunction with Lisa-Jo Baker. The prompt: SEE. (So I know it’s Saturday, but who has time to do this on a Friday, right?) 

For the past few years I couldn’t see who I was. I couldn’t see my potential. I couldn’t see how God sees me, or how my friends and family see me. I couldn’t see what I could be a part of.

I was blinded. Blinded by insecurity, blinded by negativity, blinded by a daily beating my self-esteem took with my continuous inner monologue.

Having the wrong people around me who didn’t see my potential blinded me. I let their lack of seeing tell me untruths about my potential.

But now I see.

And now others see.

And now those baby girls in India, who might not have lived, will now live, and they will also see.

I will make sure they see their potential. I will make sure they see how God sees them. I will make sure their friends and family see them, that their community sees them. I will make sure they see what they can be a part of.

I’ll make sure they aren’t blinded by insecurity or negativity. I will make sure they see their potential and help them put it into action.

And then they will see.

And others will see.

That seeing is good.