Big Love

I’ve been pretty speechless the last few weeks. I have felt such an overwhelming amount of support and trust by so many people. Seven months ago I leapt off the ledge into something big. I honestly had no idea what or if it would happen, I just trusted that if God wanted me to go down this path then I would, no matter what the result was.  I stepped out in courage even though I was scared to death.

Walking in blind faith is a scary, scary process. I’m scared almost every moment of every day, but I choose to actively trust in each of those moments. I have a vision God gave me for Rescue Pink, but I wasn’t sure over the past few years if it was my vision or His.  He’s making it very clear to me it’s His. So many times over the past few months I’d step out in faith, almost sure that ‘this’ or ‘that’ wouldn’t happen, and then God would make it hilariously easy. I mean guys, my head is constantly spinning. Constantly. This journey is a wild ride. It’s scary. It’s a huge responsibility. My prayer life has grown like a boss. And I spend at least an hour a day in tears or hilarious laughter and in thankful prayer. {Most days all three}.

The next thing I want to say is thanks! Thanks to two very special couples who gave at the very beginning that truly made this thing get off the ground. Their faith in me still makes me burst out into tears when I think about it, especially because it came at a time where my faith in myself was negative. These couples want to remain anonymous, but you know who you are. You are dearly loved.

The next thanks goes out to almost 200 of you who purchased Rescue Pink tshirts. (I mean, I thought we’d sell 50 of them.)  The purchase of these tees helped us finish paying our attorneys and pay the astronomical fee to register as a non-profit. Again, this thing wouldn’t have happened without you. Not to mention the fact that you wear them like crazy…I catch them on instagram and facebook all the time.  Thanks for repping for us, we love you!

Then I want to thank my boss.  He’s a ton of fun, and we work hard, but this guy has the biggest heart for building the kingdom. And he believes in me, and he’s put huge action behind showing me how he believes in me and the work we are doing. He’s given financially, and also with leadership and advice, he’s given time off to travel and so much more. Love you D!

Then I want to thank so many of you, my family and friends who gave financially to us to send us to India in a few weeks. Every time I get a paypal notification or a check in the mail I literally cry. Your gifts to us mean so much more than just financial help, it means you believe in us, and words can’t describe how that fuels us forward in this journey. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! (if anyone wants, you can still donate – click HERE).

Next I’m thankful for small businesses.  Seriously, these friends who own small businesses have rocked our faces off!  Thank you to (in no certain order): Christie Lacy PhotographyLittle Eclectic HouseGoodLife Outdoor LivingCache ChicBBTCustom Tees, and LSI Corporation. Our board is specifically praying for each of your businesses that God would return to you in multiplication as you continue to be the funnel that He uses to accomplish his Kingdom work. Thank for allowing Him to use you.

There are a few more exciting things in the works….a website & other things, but we’ll talk about them really soon!

I wanna spend a minute to say that resources are not just financial. I have been given a wealth of support from my church family.  Community of Faith has been such an integral part of this journey for me. They are part of the reason we exist. The connections, the knowledge, the place that grew me for years and taught me so much. The love from my pastors who stand behind me, pray for me and encourage me…I’m just so thankful.

I’m thankful to our partner in India, without James and his team, Rescue Pink wouldn’t be happening. I’m thankful that God brought both of us together at just the right time to push this forward.  I’m thankful that just chatting with him over the internet calms my nerves, and I’m thankful for the knowledge and wisdom that God gives him as he serves others so faithfully in India.

And I’m so eternally grateful for the love, support and prayers from each of you who are remembering to pray for us. You are the most important part! I can’t say thank you enough! Keep on please :)

Gosh, I’m sure I’m forgetting something and I so don’t want to. Please know that each and every one of you have touched our hearts. Thanks for helping us rescue baby girls!

7 months down….who’s ready for what’s next?