I Am From…

I am from the photographs that hang on my walls that tell stories of a lifetime of adventures that have changed me,

From journals that record my inmost thoughts to storybooks that take me places I’ve not traveled yet.

I am from a family of sarcastic truth-tellers and pranksters, but filled with fierce love for one another,

I am from the most fragrant form of Jasmine braided into my hair purchased from street vendors in India,

I’m from secrets kept of amazing adventures unless you know me well and ask me.

I am from the giant mimosa tree I grew up climbing in my grandparents yard whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own.

I’m from large family Christmases and holidays, from homemade strawberry jam, and chicken and dressing made by grandmothers that no one could out-cook {nor get an exact recipe from}.

I’m from a family of tall-tale-ers that always made life an adventure, so I’m from a childhood spent in the yard with salt shakers chasing blackbirds with the belief that if I could shake salt on their tail that I could catch it and keep it. I’m from trying my darndest to not put my tongue in the hole left from a lost tooth with the belief that if I could accomplish it, then a gold tooth would emerge.  {I could go on forever}.

I’m from outspokenness and strength, and from brokenness and redemption.

I’m from intentionally missed turns and tall-tales of Indian mounds.

I’m from family filled with servicemen, so we are brave, had spit-shined shoes, and we respect our elders by saying no sir and yes ma’am.

I’m from forts built in the woods, 3-wheelers, front yard kickball, bottle-rocket wars, and ice bricks chipped out of driveways to make igloos.

I’m from mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

I am from family.

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6 thoughts on “I Am From…

  1. This is GORGEOUS, of course!

    That last sentence: “I am from family.” Ahhhh. Somehow I totally imagine this large “crowd” of witnesses to your life … it feels right.

    Btw, I’m from homemade apricot jam.

    How funny that your grandmothers wouldn’t divulge their full recipes. I like their sass.

    Loved reading this, Sherry … Thank you!

    • Idelette,
      One of my grandmothers would hand over a recipe and say, “I make it just like that.” Which was absolutely NOT true, she always left off at least one ingredient lol! So funny when it never turned out like hers.

      Thanks for pushing to do this, I thought it would be hard but it ended up being one of the easiest posts I’ve done.

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