She’s Got the Brokedowns

“I made up my mind that day to trust, even though I didn’t have all the answers. I changed my Facebook job to say: Rescuer of Baby Girls in India.


It’s January 2007, and I am in a bare concrete building in India, holding a 3-week-old baby girl. Her name is Vickey. She’s swaddled in a green towel, looking up at me with big brown eyes.

She has no idea how special her story is yet.

My friend, Anival, and I spend the day falling in love with her and 11 other little girls. When the day is over we hop into the Jeep with our Indian friend, Amal, for the trek back across the mountain to our hotel. Anival and Amal are in the front seat chatting away and I’m in the back seat, quietly sobbing. Finally, Amal looks back at me, sees me falling apart, and looks over at Anival to say,

“She’s got the brokedowns.”

I have no idea what word he is trying to say in English, and I decide not to ask. Because yes, in this moment, I feel very broken down.

I finally eek out, “Amal, if it weren’t for you and your brother, they’d all be dead . . .”

He replies, “Yeah.”

We ride the rest of the way back in silence.

On that ride home, in the cold Indian night air, a vision was birthed in my heart. I knew, without a doubt, I was meant to be a part of this work.

Please check out the rest of the story over at SheLoves Magazine

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