What I’m Into While I’m Waiting (July 2013 Edition)

At the not-so-gentle Nudge from my friend Kelley Nikondeha, and because I’m waiting on my attorney’s to finish the paperwork for my non-profit, Rescue Pink, I’ve decided to take part in Leigh’s “What I’m Into” linkup. {Leigh, you don’t know me yet, but we have tons of mutual friends, so hello! :)}

This month was my birthday month, so July tends to be my very favorite month and I celebrate the entire month. This July I took a little trip back home to Mississippi to spend time with my family, I had a tea party with my niece,  sushi with my friends, finally got to see Wicked the musical, the Vera Bradley outlet opened up just down the road from me in our outlet mall so I treated myself to some birthday treats. Because most of the non-profit planning is done, then I’ve been doing a lot of graphic designing for my family – weddings galore! That’s just a tip of the iceberg, but follow me on twitter, instagram or facebook and you’ll get the whole story, I love social media!

My Favorite Summer TV

So You Think You Can Dance’s, Jenna & Tucker’s contemporary dance a few weeks ago choreographed by Travis Wall was breathtaking.

The girl has no strength left in her, but her partner helps her until she has her own strength back again…It’s about how you can help bring hope and life back into people’s lives when they are at the bottom.  Start at 1:21. Simply beautiful. I love how dance can communicate such beauty when done well. SYTYCD is one of my all-time favorite programs.

Big Brother
is my other favorite Summer TV show. I am fascinated by people, how they act and react, I watch people all the time. Not in a creepy way, but the way they relate, etc., So Big Brother is like people watching on steroids. I want to someday go on this show! LOL!

My Favorite Iphone App Love

Qwiki – It’s one tap storytelling on your iphone!  It lets you select a grouping of photos in your phone, select a song from your itunes library, create a template and it makes a video slideshow that can be posted on social media.  As someone who captures most everything on my iphone I’m loving this!

Waze – Welcome to social driving!  As a social media junkie, and someone who lives in a town that’s notorious for traffic, Waze is amazing!  In Houston, the radio reports are typically a little too late before they announce a traffic problem.  With Waze, other Wazers are driving the route you are going and the map is real-time updated. I love knowing what I’m headed for before I get to it and can accommodate. Not to mention the police reports. I’ve been saved from quite a few speeding tickets with this gem I’m sure.

My Weekly Budget – If you’re like me, then you don’t balance the checkbook very often.  I mean I get an email every morning from my bank telling me what cleared the day before, so there’s no surprises…but I do like to stay somewhat on a budget for certain things. This app lets you put in a budget, set labels and you can keep up with it pretty easily. Pay the $0.99 for the paid one, it lets you do monthly instead of weekly.

Voxer – I’ve had Voxer for a long time, but I was a heytell user for the most part.  But recently my BFF, while she was in Africa for the summer reminded me about Voxer. So we’ve been using it a lot the last few weeks. I like that unlike heytell it doesn’t cut you off and you can have conversations with multiples of people.  Plus within the same conversation you can send photos or even type in your answer (when maybe you don’t want to talk back in a big room full of people).

Here are some pretty cool new photo apps I’m using:
A Beautiful Mess
Word Swag
Rhonna Designs

One app I downloaded but won’t probably try it until I go on my next adventure is the Day One App . It’s like a journal on your iphone, you can record the day with text, audio, photos, gps a map, etc….

If you’re like me and you like cute wallpapers for your iphone I’d suggest Cuptakes. It’s a small fee to download it, but the app is updated with new wallpapers every single month.


I’m currently reading: Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda – Two compelling stories woven together: In India in 1984, destitute Kavita secretly carries her newborn daughter to an orphanage, knowing her husband, Jasu, would do away with the baby just as he had with their firstborn daughter. In their social stratum, girls are considered worthless because they can’t perform physical labor, and their dowries are exorbitant. That same year in San Francisco, two doctors, Somer and Krishnan, she from San Diego, he from Bombay, suffer their second miscarriage and consider adoption. They adopt Asha, a 10-month-old Indian girl from a Bombay orphanage. Yes, it’s Kavita’s daughter. In alternating chapters, Gowda traces Asha’s life in America—her struggle being a minority, despite living a charmed life, and Kavita and Jasu’s hardships, including several years spent in Dharavi, Bombay’s (now Mumbai’s) infamous slum, and the realization that their son has turned to drugs. Gowda writes with compassion and uncanny perception from the points of view of Kavita, Somer, and Asha, while portraying the vibrant traditions, sights, and sounds of modern India. (Taken by Amazon)

My mom got me the Jewish Annotated New Testament for my birthday and it’s been a new and very useful tool in reading the NT.  I like reading the history and traditions within the Jewish context, things have new meaning to me now.

Up Next: Jonathan Martin’s Prototype – I’m reading this with Kelley’s Book club including a Q&A with the author sometime this month.

After that I’ll read, Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo – I’ve had too many recommendations on this book that it was in my “to read” pile already, but it’s moved up on the list. I’ve always been intrigued by immersion journalism and have wanted to try my hand at it for many years, so to read this award winning author write about one of my most favorite places in the world is something I’m very much looking forward to.

Random Info {Books into Movies Sort of Stuff}

This isn’t until November, but I’m already into it, wishing it didn’t take too long to develop a movie – Catching Fire:

If you haven’t read the Hunger Games Trilogy, you must do so NOW! I don’t even like science fiction but I devoured these books.  Then you can watch the first movie before the second one comes out in November.  You’re welcome!


I love The Giving Keys. I have one that says Rescued. I’ve had it about a year and a half and wear it with the intention of giving it to the first baby rescued by Rescue Pink. This is a company based out in California that employs homeless people to create the keys. When you get a key, you must give it away at some point to a person you fell needs the message. Then you can go to the site and write your story.

Somebody, (somebody very smart I guess), one day decided to tell us that tap water isn’t good for us. I mean, I grew up drinking tap water and I only have one head.  But anyway, someone is making massive amounts of money and causing a mess in the ocean with plastic bottles killing our sea life. I watched a documentary several years ago about it and I swore off drinking out of plastic bottles forever.  Well, this month I found Faucet Face.

faucet Face

How cute are they!  And part of the proceeds go to providing biosand filters for India. Everyone should have access to clean water! In your face executives putting water into bottles and charging us $2 for it!

Video Love

I want to be friends with these people, seriously…anyone that can go to a gas pump and be surprised by a live person on tv and just “go with it” doing Karaoke…yeah, these are my kind of people…

I love, love, love this TED talk by Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong. Dan challenges us to change the way we think about changing the world. It’s one of the most compelling talks I’ve ever heard. If you are a non-profit, work for a non-profit, or associated with a non-profit, or give to a non-profit…THEN WATCH THIS.  I promise you won’t be sorry.

And I’ll leave you with this. This makes me so happy. I want to stand up on a chair and scream thank you to Coca-Cola for this creativity!  What unites us is so much stronger than what divides us. What would the world be like if we got to know one another before judging without relationship?

Enjoy!  Tell me what you’re into!