Batwa Students

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As referenced in these posts, I mentioned how COF sponsors over 30 bright Batwa students, to come alongside them as they receive an education. Kelley is really a huge credit to their success as she follows and monitors their work very closely. The children are excelling for the most part and we are so proud of them. The students are so sweet and very thankful for this opportunity. We were able to spend some time with them while in Burundi. We visited them at the student house and they danced and sang for us and big hugs were handed out all around.

On our last visit we played volleyball with them on the beach and had a great afternoon. This was a special treat for them and we loved spending this time with them.

Racing to the water!

There are sooo many more pics – you can see all the pics from our trip by clicking HERE and watching a special video slideshow I made with them.

After we left the beach the students came with us to our guest house where we were staying and had a pizza party with us! There were lots of hugs again and singing. They have such beautiful voices. They thanked us and prayed for us and we prayed for them. I’ll leave you with a little video of them singing – so precious!

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