There’s this wall I have in my office/spare bedroom where I often go to just thank God at times for the work He is doing around the world, and the places/people He’s allowed me to meet and visit. I often come in here to stare and pray for each of the places and also remember the journey.

God has allowed me to be a part of some amazing things. I’ve spent a significant amount of time in over 15 different countries witnessing what He’s up to. I don’t get to share about them enough with the people I love. Many of you have heard small glimpses of parts of these journeys, many of you have not but have asked me to, and I often struggle with what parts to share…

So, as my new passport is now empty, prepared for a new decade of traveling (as much as I possibly can) and also because I’m in a really nostalgic mood…I’ll share here over the next several posts about the places that are closest to my heart. My heart is that as you read, that you wouldn’t put any emphasis on me, but on the people in that location…I hope to open up a small part of their world to you and that you would pray for them as you read.

I’ve set my blog to import into facebook. So if you are reading this through facebook, I’m not sure how well the blog photos will import. If you’re having trouble reading on facebook, you can read directly from my blog at

8 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Oh my gosh! They have these templates you can buy with the frames but they are SUPER expensive. So you know me, I decided I could do it myself for a 10th of the price…Lol! So I bought the fames, printed the pics and configured the math for the layout (that was hard enough). But hanging them…I wanted to pull my hair out! It took me hours and hours! Afterwards I called every friend I had and told them to remind me if I ever move from here that I really don't want the photo wall anymore…lol!

  2. Dear Sherry,Great to read your article. I'm from Manipur and worked for Peter Kashung (1996-98). I'm wondering if you can help me find contacts of some of GMF team visiting Manipur in 1996-98. I was one of the local guide. I just could find GMF website anymore. Greetings from Austria. Aboi Aimol

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